How to find a kimono / yukata rental store in Japan(Kyoto Asakusa) Average price and important notes


Kimono / Yukata rental

How to find a kimono / yukata rental store

Enter the name of the place you plan to visit in the box on the right (second box for smartphones). It is OK in English. Then, kimono rental stores in that area will be displayed.

Kimono / Yukata rental fee pattern in Japan

Kimono / Yukata rental fees vary greatly between casual use in sightseeing areas and use at events such as adult ceremonies and weddings .

Countryside area are more expensive than urban areas, especially in Kyoto and Asakusa, where there are many temples and shrines, as a result of price competition, rental kimono stores with reasonable rates are increasing. In addition, fees may increase during the season when the number of users increases, such as the ceremony for adults and Shichigosan.

The price difference for kimonos can range from dozens of kimonos and high-end kimonos to inexpensive kimonos made of polyester. For students and couples, there are various discount plans that can be used to save money, so it is recommended that you compare the prices of several stores.

Average of Kimono / Yukata rental cost

Lower price Regular price Higher price
City area Approximately 8,000 yen About 35,000 yen About 50,000 yen ~
Countryside About 10,000 yen About 40,000 yen About 60,000 yen ~
Kyoto / Asakusa (1day use) 3,000 yen 5,000 yen 20,000 yen
Features / Trends For 1 day use.
Only store dressing, no business trips. Return only during business hours.
There are many long-term rentals for 2-4 days, such as wedding ceremony and wedding ceremony.
Kyoto Asakusa is a 1-day sightseeing rental kimono fee.
Varies depending on the kimono grade.
Abundant service contents such as early morning correspondence, business trip dressing, commemorative photo.

Things to take when using a kimono / yukata rental for the first time, precautions

Advance reservations are required when using Kimono / Yukata rental. Check the date and time of your visit and make a reservation via the web, email, or telephone. There are no special belongings. If you have a large baggage, there may be an additional charge when you store it at the store.

Expensive kimonos may be fined if they are contaminated or damaged, but depending on the store, you can get optional kimono insurance. If you are worried, you should check in advance.

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